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In the waves I lose every trace of you
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welcome to art school

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jessipalooza and i’s baby sunspears-to-be…. little sketches… of how I sorta see them. idk.

Morning rebaggle because I want someones thoughts… The guy on the left seems sorta off to me… Any reason why?? Maybe is his eyes too big??

The guy on the left actually seems pretty solid to me, the lady’s shoulders however are sloped a little too steeply downward :)

Yeah, I see what you mean by the shoulders… I had meant just in the facial region though, considering the anything below the neck I obv didn’t put too much effort into…

I still feel like perhaps his face is too short or his features too large?? Then again, I think I have a problem of elongating faces… so….

I think you could shrink his facial features a tad, possibly push his eyes in a little but you have it pretty close to where everything should fall, and I think you’d be fine leaving everything where it was.

I actually think the top of his head might be a little long because it gives the impression you might be looking down on him with the the position of his bangs and how much of his hair receding back you see, if that makes sense?

The only other thing I can think to say if it still looks off to you is maybe try flipping it horizontally in your art program and see if anything sticks out weird?

I think it looks good :>

Ahhhh… I see what you mean about the hairline. I’ll se about fixing it when I get home then… maybe…. Or I could just never touch this ever again. lmaooooo

I really like these. I agree with her shoulders sloping downward too much, but I think the faces and hair are beautiful :)

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S  I  L  E  N  T    H  I  L  L  S

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idk who she’s sparring with but they’re gonna be on the floor in about six seconds

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Silent Hills TGS trailer comments bingo card! Play with your friends!

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Watch The Silent Hill Band with surprise guest Mary Elizabeth McGlynn full performance at Japan Expo USA 2014!

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Enslaved + silhouettes