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In the waves I lose every trace of you
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Track: Fly Me To The Moon
Artist: Frank Sinatra
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"Fly Me To The Moon" performed by Frank Sinatra

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Commissions Open!


Hey guys, I’m going to be moving very soon to a better financial situation, but I’m really tight on cash due to hurting my hand and losing my job a month ago, so commissions are open!


Commissions are $10 with $5 for each additional character.  Extras are extra.  Paypal only, please email me at to discuss!

Everything helps, even signal boosts!  I will be posting another sample of much cheaper commissions later tonight!

I know money is tight and things are bad everywhere, but I’m glad that I have had people like my art enough to support me, so thank you!

Chibi commissions are still open - $9 for OCs.  Right now I have a $7 special on fanart which will go until about mid-May.

Thank you again!

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Kang Joo’s daddy manner~

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I’ve started some Hongstar spam before I have to head to work :) I know you will enjoy it as I have enjoyed it, and there is definitely more to come!



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They won’t find me. I’m but a blade in the crowd.

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an important graph for everyone to see thank u

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